Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why I am Not a Roman Catholic

When Constantine became emperor of Rome, he was virtually the emperor of the world. He elected himself the self-styled "protector of the Christian faith." He issued an edict of tolerance for Christianity and gave the church many favors, including money for building and operations. He even gave many of the pagan temples over to be used by the church.

To please the emperor and show him their thanks, the church leaders began to adopt customs that were parallel to the pagan practices. One compromise led to another, and what seemed to be a great blessing became a great curse. These changes continued to be made, long after the fall of the Roman empire. Many changes were introduced that had no scriptural basis but became doctrine in the Roman Catholic church, including:

300 Prayers for the dead
Making the sign of the cross while praying
375 Worship of saints and angels
394 Mass was first instituted
431 Worship of Mary began
500 Priests began to dress differently than laymen
526 Exaggerated and superficial language, manners and customs
593 Doctrine of purgatory introduced
600 Worship services conducted in Latin
Prayers directed to Mary
607 The first pope was installed
709 The practice of kissing the pope's feet began
786 Worship of images and relics
850 Use of "holy water" began
995 Canonization of dead saints
998 Fasting on Fridays and during Lent
1079 Celibacy of the priesthood
1090 Prayer beads introduced
1184 The Inquisition: questioning and imprisoning any that don't agree with their beliefs
1190 Sale of indulgences
1215 Transubstantiation: the belief that the bread and the wine of communion actually become the body and blood of Christ
1229 Laymen are forbidden to read the Bible!
1414 Cup forbidden to laymen
1439 Doctrine of purgatory decreed: a resting place after death until your final destination is determined; people can pray you out of purgatory and into heaven
The doctrine of the seven sacraments affirmed
1508 The Ave Marie approved - Hail Mary
1534 The Jesuit order founded
1545 Tradition is granded equal authority with the Bible
1546 Apocryphal books put into the Bible
1854 Immculate conception of Mary - Mary was decreed free of the original sin by divine grace; Mary was without sin
1865 Infallibility of Errors proclaimed
1870 Infallibility of Pope declared
1930 Public schools condemned
1950 Assumption of Mary - August 15 is observed as the day Mary was taken up to heaven
1965 Mary proclaimed the mother of the church

Even though the Roman Catholic church claims to be the only true church and the original church, it is very evident that they have deviated from the early church in many ways over the past 1700 years and have become more Roman than Christian.

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