Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Agree with Katy Perry.

Confession: I like Katy Perry.

I know she's some kind of she-devil, but Katy Perry is good looking, and her music is fun.  I know I'm supposed to be all up in arms because she sang "I Kissed A Girl" (and she liked it!), but, um, I kissed a girl--and I liked it, too.  Did you know that Katy Perry is a pastor's daughter, and that before she started her career as "Katy Perry" she was a Christian artist under her real name, Katy Hudson?  Yeah...she's all kinds of messed up now.  Still, even though she kissed a girl and she thinks ur so gay, I like a lot of what she has to say.

As an ultra-conservative Christian, I'm supposed to be repulsed by that video somehow.  I mean, there's like homo love and a fat girl in her undies.  I'm not.  Granted, I don't really want to see homo loving (I don't really want to see hetero loving, either.  Most people just aren't attractive enough to make the view enjoyable), nor do I really want to see big folk in their skivvies.

The thing is, we're supposed to love people.  Even if you think, for example, that homosexuality is a sin, shouldn't we be still be more offended when they are made to feel isolated, rejected, and unloved than when they act on what is in their heart anyway?  Seriously, is this how Jesus would treat people?  If they feel isolated, rejected, and unloved, then they are in the same position (just unhappy).  The real difference is in us--we are the ones doing wrong.

There's pretty much no denying, if I think someone is gay, I'll probably be the first to say so, and if I think someone is fat, I'll probably be the first to admit that, too.  There's no value statement attached there.  People are still valuable, regardless.

What Katy Perry is singing about in "Firework" is really what the life of Jesus is all about.  God has this incredibly high view of who we can be--who we should be.  Each of us is unique.  Each of us hold the potential to be great.  Through God, we can reach that unique potential.  Jesus came to get us there.

If we cannot manage to love one another, can we really call ourselves followers of Jesus?

Happy Christianity

I am increasingly aware that the key to being a happy Christian is learning to laugh at all the other churchy people.

Please don't make me explain it.