Sunday, April 27, 2008

Calvin V. Armenius

This may mean nothing to anybody but me.

    Calvin believed:
    Arminians believe:
    Total Depravity
    Man is in bondate to his sinful nature, and is incapable of choosing good over evil.
    Free Will/Human Ability
    Man is not spiritually helpless; man has free will to choose good over evil--he can cooperate with God's Spirit or resist. FAITH is man's contribution to his own salvation.
    Unconditional Election Conditional Election
    Limited Atonement
    Christ's act of salvation is only for the elect, and guarantees their salvation.
    General Atonement
    Christ's act of salvation is for all, but does not guarantee anything; a person must choose to accept it.
    Irresistible Grace The Holy Spirit can be resisted
    Perseverence of the Saints A. Falling from Grace
    B. Eternal Security

The dispute, maybe obviously, comes from the attempt to balance the concepts of the sovereignty of God and the free will of man. While Calvin emphasized the sovereignty of God and Armenius emphasized the free will aspect, both doctrines affirm both concepts. While HYPER-Calvinists do not believe in missions, Calvin himself still believed in obeying the Great Commission.

Just for the record, it's pretty safe to label me an Arminian.

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