Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Just Takes A Moment

Rahab was a prostitute.

If you have selected prostitution as your profession, you have made some terrible decisions in your life.  Rahab had.  Had Rahab continued on her journey the way she had been living, things would have just gone from bad to worse.  She would have been killed and no one would remember a thing about her or that she had even existed.

Instead, in a single moment, she changed course.  By deciding to cooperate with God's people, she saves her own life and the lives of her family members.  She became part of the community of God's people.  Not only is she remembered for helping the spies, she also makes her way into the genealogies of David and Solomon, but also in the genealogy of Jesus.  The Son of God carried her DNA.

Prostitution is one of those careers that no one wants to be in.  Bad circumstances and bad choices lead people there, and bad circumstances and bad choices keep people there.  Rahab probably felt trapped.  A lot of us feel trapped now and then.  If we keep our eyes open, there's no telling when we will have that moment--our moment to do the right thing, to embrace the plan of God, and let God work in our lives to improve things.

Any moment can be a good moment.  It may not be that life-changing once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity moment, but it can still be a moment that makes life better.  Perhaps, in this moment, you can choose to accept God's call on your life.  Perhaps, in this moment, you can choose to improve your marriage.  Perhaps, in this moment, you can extend an extra bit of time to love your kids, or start exercising, or eat healthier.  Life is full of choices.  Choose to make the most of this moment.

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