Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seven Things I Hate About Church

I have absolutely no reason to submit this post now, which makes it a great time to do it.  This is something I wrote quite a while ago when discussing why so many men in America dislike going to church.  Enjoy!      -mike

In all honesy, I am a man that does not really like church. (I have been known to say things like, "I love Jesus, but I am no fan of his leprous bride.") I cannot speak for everyone, obviously, but here are some things that I do not like about church:

1. People pretend to care. I do not honestly mind if they care about me or not, but the fraud bothers me.
2. I am asked personal questions by people I barely know.
3. People assume that I am a hugger just because they are.
4. We sing songs that have no value in either the music or the lyrics.  These songs are just lousy music, and only a Christian could love them (because they are vaguely spiritual).
5. "Testimonies" are offered that are not really testimonies at all. Sometimes this comes in the form of someone who talks for minutes about how terrible their life is and then conclude with something spiritual, such as, "but I know God will bring me through" or something, which would be a lot more meaningful if the person had not first convinced us that their problems are the focus of their life. Others are incoherent altogether. Some are merely some person who for whatever reason want to share the lonely thought that has ventured into their head before it dies of loneliness. I am embarrassed for the person giving the "testimony" and I am embarrassed for myself for having listened to it.
6. Too many sermons are focused on proving the preacher's eloquence or academic skills, rather than on delivering the Word of God with authority.
7. If you allow yourself to be open to people in the church, often times those good Christian people will take the opportunity to hurt you in ways you would have never imagined.

Emphasis on number seven.


  1. amen brother!

    at least three of those reason were why i stopped going to church for a good long while.

  2. I can agree with many of these points and I get your writing style of being semi-sincere, semi-humorous. Here comes the but clause though...But...

    On #1 Why do you think it's insincere?
    On #2 I think it is beautiful that people are seeking to know one another. The church is in far greater danger of people just showing up for an hour and going on their merry way, without being intentional. We are supposed to sharpen one another as iron, but we can't do it at all if we don't seek to know/be known.
    On #7 There will always be bad Christians happening to good people, but I think the potential reward of authentic community far outweighs the risk of being hurt. Plus, it's not really about us. It's about being the body. Maybe it comes down to just trusting...which brings to mind that I'd like to re-read Ruthless Trust--Brennan Manning.