Monday, May 26, 2008

A Father's Perspective

As a father, all I really want is for my daughter Bree to be truly happy. Sometimes, that means pushing her to do things that she doesn't want to do at the moment--like eating her dinner before she can have dessert.

When I think of God in terms of God the Father, I have to believe that He is the same way. Some people look at religion as a bunch of rules and all that stuff. That may be your religion, but if it is you're doing it wrong. All I'm trying to do is look to God for instruction for how to be happy--and if you have a "religious experience," that's the one to have.

Have fun, kids.


  1. Well, Mr. Lyons, I completely agree...that might be the best thing you've written on this entire website!!! LOL

    -Kate in Cali;)

  2. I think that God allowed us to become parents so that we can understand him better. I notice that a lot when I'm raising my two little monkeys. :)